Pike sculpture from the Toraja region, teak wood


A teak wood sculpture which is a traditional wooden sculpture from Indonesia, from the Toraja region, depicting a pike with a rectangular hole.

These sculptures are made by the Toraja people living in the southern part of Sulawesi. Toraja sculptures usually depict people, animals or everyday objects. In this particular case, the carving depicts a pike, which is an important symbol in the Toraja culture as it is believed to live in the underground waters and is the guardian of the earth. The rectangular opening in the Toraja sculpture symbolizes a gateway to another dimension or world, which is characteristic of Toraja beliefs.

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Toraja carvings often have a ritual function and are used in ceremonies and other important events. Toraja carvings are usually made of wood and decorated with hand-carved motifs that are very detailed and rich in symbolism. In the case of a sculpture with a fish element, the pike is presented as very detailed and realistic, with details such as scales and fins. Toraja sculptures are considered an important cultural heritage of Indonesia and attract tourists from all over the world. Although Toraja sculptures are often associated with animistic and Catholic beliefs, nowadays many artists continue the tradition of carving in a modern way, combining traditional elements with modern techniques and materials.

We recommend it to all of you who appreciate being surrounded by beautiful and unique objects. Perfect both for the interior and as a unique garden decoration.

Shekin's products are the result of the manual work of Asian and African craftsmen, whose craftsmanship is the result of multi-generational family traditions. Noble materials and appropriate processing ensure the longevity of these works of art. Out of concern for the environment, we produce our collections only from wood of legal origin.


lenght:  98 cm
Material: wood teak

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