ONYX washbasin 40 cm


An unusual countertop basin made by hand on Indonesia's Bali island from natural Onyx.

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Onyx countertop washbasin balances on the border between a work of art and a work of nature very effectively. The unusual colors of onyx combined with an equally elegant as artistic form make this sink amaze with its original, natural beauty. A stylish combination of a perfectly polished interior of the sink with the rawness of the natural structure of forged onyx on the outer walls. A very luxurious arrangement accessory, which will be a sophisticated decoration of any bathroom or SPA salon. This washbasin was made of onyx in Indonesia by local craftsmen, who are known around the world for their craftsmanship in stone processing. Onyx, thanks to its extraordinary beauty, enjoys growing popularity among people who use solutions that are as durable as they are effective.


diameter: 40 cm
hight: 15 cm
hole diameter: 4,5 cm

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