Shekina Radogost

Radogost is one of the chief deities of the Polabian Slavs. The name is a combination of two words: “rad” - nice, and "gost" - guest. Probably he was the guardian of guests. Shekina Radogost furniture makes the place friendly and open. These are shapes inspired by traditional Slavic construction - strong, stable structure and simple finish, without decorations, only sometimes with charming curves. We offer this style to those of you who appreciate straightforwardness in a good quality, warm atmosphere at home as well as a rich social life.

Shekina Byzantium

Byzantium is magnificence, splendour and power. The empire, which for over a thousand years of its existence created a style based on Roman, early-Christian, Hellenistic and Oriental traditions, is also the style that characterizes Shekina Byzantium furniture. Robust construction with simple and sparingly integrated decorations, gives it a delicate touch of sacrum. We dedicate Shekina Byzantium to those of you for whom tradition is important - also family life, who prefer a lavish and at the same time reflective lifestyle.

Shekina Legatus Imperium

Legatus Imperium in Latin means the representative or proponent of the Empire. Of course, this Empire is Europe with its rich and multidimensional culture. Shekina, in the Legatus Empire version, is a reflection of the aesthetic sensitivity of old European artists, scholars and masters. It is an elegance in a truly European style - a perfect sense of balance, chic, timelessness. Especially recommended to those of you who, experienced in life, look at the world with distance and at the same time appreciate traditional values.

Shekina Eremitis

Eremitis, which in Greek means hermit - a person who gives up earthly goods for the sake of spiritual development. Shekina Eremitis therefore values the simplicity of the shapes and avoids any beautifying elements that might not be necessary in practice. The furniture owes its splendour to its solid construction and high-quality materials. We recommend Shekina Eremitis to visionaries who focus on big goals for whom simple minimalist forms are a convenience.

Shekina Excentris

Excentris is as unusual a style as its name suggests. Shekina Excentris leans towards a multitude of colours and lines, gently intertwining the aesthetics of four parts of the world, based on their traditions. It is a style that cannot endure uniformity, it is full of dynamism. Furniture with this set of features draws people’s stares, intrigues, and thus is remembered. Shekina Excentris is dedicated mainly to intellectuals with a bit of madness, living freely and creatively, who are often ahead of contemporary aesthetic trends.

Shekina Era Novum

Era Novum is a civilisation leap. Based on Art Deco - a trend created in the interwar period, which is a response to the preceding eclecticism. Shekina Era Novum is a delicate, heterogeneous decoration consisting mainly of plant ornaments and geometric forms. There is also an abstract representation of the symbolism of the female body, as well as an image of the afterlife, which is a great example of trivialising what was taboo in previous epochs. This style is purely European and has always been national. Shekina Era Novum loves dreaming and world-curious artists.

Shekina Transgressive

Transgressive - is about exceeding cultural norms. It is furniture, each of which is the only and unique work of art, having its origins. Shekina Transgressive is a game of shapes, perfectly maintaining good taste. Structures oscillating between postmodern materialism and mysterious naturalism. Just perfect for the ultra-modern individualists with a rich imagination, who love large spaces and incredible forms in them. Shekina Transgressive is the answer for those seeking new sensory experiences and looking for more and more sophisticated inspirations.