The usability of teak wood has been seen by people since prehistoric times - for thousands of years it has been used mainly in the production of ships and all the elements of the woodwork, which had to be extremely resistant to moisture and damp pathogens. This is because teak is extremely resistant to many adverse environmental factors: water, mould and chemical solutions. On average, teak products have a life expectancy of about 200 years, but utility objects made of this wood over 1000 years ago have been found. Teak trees occur naturally in South Asia, e.g. in: Burma, India, Laos, Thailand, and Indo-China, inhabiting monsoon forests. It is a fast-growing species, while the wood itself is cohesive in structure and has a clear annual growth pattern. The pores provide detailed information on the cycles of the dry and wet seasons. Fresh teak wood has a beautiful golden honey colour with clear, almost black strips and a pleasant smell.

Advantages of teak wood:

  • Highest resistance to adverse weather conditions: humidity, sudden changes in temperature, rain, snow, frost.
  • Thanks to its natural oil content, it is the most resistant of the precious wood species to water absorption.
  • High resistance to biological ageing
  • High chemical resistance
  • Extremely low shrinkage coefficient
  • High resistance to mechanical damage
  • Not susceptible to bacteria and fungi
  • High hardness

Advice on care:

When taking care of teak-wood furniture, remember to treat it like a car left outside; even on a veranda or porch, it must often be washed (preferably with a water-based soap solution) and cared for. Our furniture will reach you in a beautiful honey shade. Under the influence of natural weather conditions (rain, sun, temperature fluctuations), the unoiled teak wood changes its original honey colour to a stunning silver grey.

If the furniture is exposed to direct rain and sun (not used under a roof), the process of colour change (patination) is faster. The wood will remain strong regardless of the colour change. At the same time, micro cracks can appear in teak wood under the influence of changes in air humidity and temperature, which do not, however, have a direct impact on the use of furniture.

If you want to preserve the golden colour of your furniture, you need to oil it or wax it. Our furniture will last much longer if it is regularly cleaned and stored under cover. Especially in winter, it is recommended to use the tarpaulin or store the furniture in a dry and cool place.