Suar wood vase


A flower vase made of unique wood, namely suar, growing in South-East Asia.

This wood is characterized by a beautiful colour, which perfectly fits with simple forms, so the furniture made of suar is also simple in its shape. Our vase is eye-catching. In a right space, it becomes a complement. 

Perfect gift idea for those who like the beauty of nature and at the same time take care of their home.

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Suar tree is an Indonesian variant of Albizia Saman, originating in South America. It was introduced to the region in the mid-19th century by Portuguese colonists as a plantation tree. This naturally fast-growing tree has spread throughout the region and is now widely used in the furniture industry. Suar is a large tropical rain tree that can grow to an altitude of 25 metres. The characteristic huge crown has the shape of an umbrella, thanks to which it naturally creates an isolated, cool climate under dense, leafy branches.

Products by Shekina are the fruit of the manual work of Asian and African craftsmen, whose craftsmanship is the result of generations of family traditions. Precious materials and proper construction ensure the longevity of this furniture. For the sake of the environment, we manufacture our collections exclusively from timber of legal origin.

dimensions: Height 40 cm

material: Suar wood

origin: Indonesia

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