Petrified wood tray


A hand-carved petrified wood tray with an irregular shape.

This luxurious accessory will be perfect for the living room or kitchen. 

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Petrified wood is an unusual material. Imagine a tree that grew millions of years ago and has survived to this day by burying the wood in sediment and then replacing the original organic matter with silica (chalcedony or opal) from solutions circulating in it. Thanks to this process of petrification, all the details of wood structure and its structure are preserved, and we can enjoy the unique beauty of objects made of this luxurious material.

Products by Shekina are the result of manual work of Asian and African craftsmen, whose craftsmanship is the result of multi-generational family traditions.


length: 34,5 cm
width: 28 cm
height: 2,5 cm

Material: petrified wood

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