Oriental wall panel - Vine - Bali sculpture, 30 cm


Hand-carved, traditional, wooden wall relief, from Bali, with a lotus flower motif. A perfect example of the craftsmanship of Balinese sculptors. The grapevine symbolizes hospitality, pleasure and charity, as well as unity in multiplicity as a metaphor for the family. It is associated with vitality and fertility. Not only nature, but also man. That is why, to this day, the grapevine is an inseparable element of wedding ceremonies. Good bunches of grapes are to provide a young couple with a prosperous life, as well as give them generously to offspring. The sweetness of the fruit evokes the sweetness of sensual pleasures: according to the Hindu symbolism, white fruit heralds delight, while red ones - passion.

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Balinese sculptors are extremely talented and produce thousands of items. From life-size teak figures, animals and mythical creatures to functional carved wooden furniture. Wooden sculptures from Bali will amaze and delight with the beauty of details and traditional oriental motifs.


diameter: 30 cm

Materiat: Suar wood

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