Dedun - a teak wood set of garden furniture


Dedun - a four-part set of garden furniture made of teak wood from the Shekina Excentris line. Perfect both as a set for the interior and for the garden or terrace.The creme seat cushion included in the set perfectly harmonizes with the colour of the furniture.

The entire composition comes together thanks to the beautiful and unique cushions made of batik. Enchant your friends with unforgettable moments surrounded by such unusual furniture.

There are two colour options (when you buy batik cushions, please inform us about your colour choice:brown/multicolour).

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The seat cushions are filled with PUR foam (density T25) for high seating comfort and additionally with a polyester knitted fabric, which gives the cushion additional softness. The pillow was finished with a corded trim, which is a decorative finish of the seams in the form of string of the same fabric. In addition, the SHEKINA cushion has a removable cover with a zipper. The fabric of the seat cushions is UV-resistant and waterproof. What's more, it can be removed and washed at temperatures up to 30°C.

Beautiful cushions made of batik fabric, which come from small Indonesian craft shops are distinguished by beautiful, intense colours against the background of other accessories for interior decoration. Unique fabric and saturated colours of this original addition will help create a cosy, warm atmosphere in each room, and will also give your apartment a stylish character. We produce Shekina Batik Cushions in small batches (from a few to a dozen or so pieces). That is why we give you a truly unique product.

Removable zippered cases can be washed by hand or in a washing machine set to a wool-washing programme up to 30°C.

Due to its centuries-old presence in Indonesia, its importance for the local culture, batik was entered by UNESCO in 2009 on the list of intangible cultural heritage of mankind.

Shekina Excentris

Excentris is as unusual a style as its name suggests. Shekina Excentris leans towards a multitude of colours and lines, gently intertwining the aesthetics of four parts of the world, based on their traditions. It is a style that cannot endure uniformity, it is full of dynamism. Furniture with this set of features draws people’s stares, intrigues, and thus is remembered.

Shekina Excentris is dedicated mainly to intellectuals with a bit of madness, living freely and creatively, who are often ahead of contemporary aesthetic trends.

Products by Shekina are the result of the manual work of Asian and African craftsmen, whose craftsmanship is the result of generations of family traditions. Precious materials and proper construction ensure the longevity of this furniture. For the sake of the environment, we manufacture our collections exclusively from timber of legal origin and allocate part of our revenue to planting new trees.

Advantages of teak wood:

- Highest resistance to adverse weather conditions: humidity, sudden changes in temperature, rain, snow, frost.

- Thanks to its natural oil content, it is the most resistant of the precious wood species to water absorption.

- High resistance to biological ageing

- High chemical resistance

- Extremely low shrinkage coefficient

- High resistance to mechanical damage

- Not susceptible to bacteria and fungi

- High hardness


Long bench

seat width: 150 cm

seat depth: 56 cm

seat height: 34 cm

height of the backrest: 90 cm

Short bench

seat width: 110 cm

seat depth: 56 cm

seat height: 34 cm

height of the backrest: 90 cm


seat width: 53 cm

seat depth: 56 cm

seat height: 34 cm

height of the backrest: 90 cm


length: 107 cm

depth: 54,5 cm

height: 43 cm  

Material: solid teak wood

Parameters of seat cushion:

Fabric: 100% polyester 190 g/m2. waterproof fabric

Filler: PUR foam (density T25) and a polyester knitted fabric

Parameters of batic cushion:

Dimensions: 45x45cm

Filler: microfibre covered polyester fibres

Fabric: cotton, batik

Cushion cases with concealed zipper

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