Table set for gardens - catering Anat, teak


The table for the garden and catering set Anat for 2 people from our EREMITIS line is ideal for the garden and as an exclusive gastronomy equipment.

Teak furniture is a perfect complement to any interior, garden, terrace or patio.

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Would you like a set of garden furniture that is durable and elegant, extremely comfortable and versatile and will provide a summer atmosphere and the highest quality? Regardless of whether you run a hotel, cafe or looking for furniture for a restaurant, you realize that the equipment is the basis. Especially restaurant furniture allow you to arrange space, provide comfort, and give a unique character that is remembered and appreciated by customers. Our furniture designed for the gardens and interiors of pubs, restaurants and bars have such advantages. Let your guests enjoy the atmosphere of summer all year long.

Shekina Eremitis

Eremitis, which in Greek means a hermit - a man who gives up his earthly goods for spiritual development. Thus, Shekina Eremitis values ​​the simplicity of shapes and avoids beautifying elements that could be unnecessary in practical use. These furniture owe their splendor to solid performance and high-quality materials of which they are made. Shekina Eremitis is recommended for visionaries who focus on great goals, for which simple minimalistic forms are a convenience.

Shekin's products are the result of manual work by Asian and African craftsmen whose artistry is the result of multi-generational family traditions. Noble materials and proper construction ensure longevity of these furniture. For the sake of the environment, our collections are produced only from wood of legal origin, and part of our income we spend on planting new trees.

Advantages of teak wood:

- Highest resistance to adverse weather conditions: moisture, sudden changes in temperature, rain, snow, frost.

- Thanks to the natural content of oily substances, it is most resistant to soak water with noble wood species

- High resistance to biological aging

- High resistance to chemicals

- Exceptionally low shrink ratio

- High resistance to mechanical damage

- No exposure to bacteria and fungi

- High hardness



length: 60 cm

width: 60 cm

height: 110 cm

material: solid wood teak

origin: Indonesia

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