Embroidered Cotton Handbag in Carnation and Ivory from Bali, A25


A beautiful and unique handbag from an artistic Balinese manufactory.

The black bag features intricate hand embroidery in carnation and ivory that creates crescent and swirl patterns in the traditional Indonesian style inspired by Bunga flowers. Bunga Manis in Indonesian means sweet flower. Held by its two handles this bag is fashionable and handy. Opening with zipper, the handbag reveals a black lined interior, complete with a zipper pocket on one side for storing small items.

It takes three days to a week for skilled artisans to produce just one bag.

Tax included

This product is handcrafted individually using natural materials. It is therefore impossible to produce identical products, even though they are made by professionals. Each pattern of the bag is different in terms of color or design, giving each of them a unique character. The main compartment has a zipper, has two handles. The interior of the bag is equipped with a zippered pocket.


width: 27,5 cm
height: 18 cm

Dry clean only

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