Maharash table Andar


Exclusive lacquered console made of mahogany wood from Shekina Era Novum line is not only an ideal place for keys in any foyer or hall, but also an ideal element of bedroom, office or guest room decoration. Mahogany, thanks to its unique colour and interesting structure gives the interiors elegance and class. A great advantage of the table is its original design, which creates numerous possibilities of creative use. Its simple shape makes this durable piece of furniture exceptionally versatile and fits perfectly into almost any interior style.

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Era Novum is a civilisation leap. Based on Art Deco - a trend created in the interwar period, which is a response to the preceding eclecticism.

Shekina Era Novum is a delicate, heterogeneous decoration consisting mainly of plant ornaments and geometric forms. There is also an abstract representation of the symbolism of the female body, as well as an image of the afterlife, which is a great example of trivialising what was taboo in previous epochs. This style is purely European and has always been national. Shekina Era Novum loves dreaming and world-curious artists.

Products by Shekina are the result of the manual work of Asian and African craftsmen, whose craftsmanship is the result of generations of family traditions. Precious materials and proper construction ensure the longevity of this furniture. For the sake of the environment, we manufacture our collections exclusively from timber of legal origin and allocate part of our revenue to planting new trees.


Width: 56 cm

Depth: 42 cm

Height: 46 cm

Thickness of the top: 3 cm

Material: Mahogany wood

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