Biscuit amphora – Tunisian terracotta 80 cm


Biscuit amphora with four handles.

This giant amphora is entirely handmade on a potter's wheel by Tunisian artisans. The vessel is inspired by the traditional Tunisian way of storing food and condiments. This soft colored vessel can be used as decoration and as a vase. Its design can be used in many interior design styles as its shape adapts well to other items. 

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Handmade pottery is Tunisian traditional craftsmanship, with a tradition dating back hundreds of years, with specific skills handed down from father to son in many parts of the country. Our Tunisian collection is handcrafted from terracotta with a very high salt content, resulting in a dusty patina effect. Each item is dried in the sun and then fired in a traditional kiln. The color of pottery made of this type of clay can range from almost white to a pale terracotta shade. Please note that since these products are handmade using natural materials, no two are identical. There may be slight roughness, discoloration or abrasions on their surface. As such, these photos serve only as a guide to likely colors and textures.

Height: 80 cm
Max width:  cm
The width of the hole for pots: cm

Material: unglazed fired ceramic



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