Dear Customers

The creation of Shekina is the beginning of a beautiful adventure of three friends who have a common passion.

Mariusz Kurc - a traveller, in love with space, a gust of wind, and the everyday life of ordinary people. Once he met a group of local woodworkers in a South Asian jungle. He was fascinated by the shapes they created from this wonderful material. Never before has he met such a wonderful handicraft in its imperfection - after all, the human hand creates everything once, and every next thing is different from the previous one. It was then that a new passion was born - the passion for finding beauty in handmade wood.

Agnieszka Lewińska - a woman with a golden heart and outstanding aesthetic sensitivity, who has an artistic sense and at the same time is well acquainted with the standards of the contemporary world. She did not doubt for a moment that the products of Asian masters would delight sophisticated European craft aficionados.

Krzysztof Łyszczyk - loving the warmth of his home, a man of extraordinary strength of character, a realist and a good organizer, familiar with technical matters and taking care of the highest quality. He was ready to face any difficulties that might have occurred in such a bold undertaking.

All three of them, as friends do, wanted to work together, joining forces. Three people of extremely different characters, yet together - a seeker, an artist and an analyst.

They wanted the most beautiful wood products and many other great things that our world offers to decorate the interiors of your homes. That's why Shekina was created.

Shekina is the path - the path the work travels from the hands of a craftsman, master, miracle maker, who creates in a distant part of the world, to you, who create your own unique world.

Shekina is style, balance, elegance and, above all, uniqueness.